Top 101 Growth Hacks

17 sierpnia 2018

About 5 months each day during 3-5 hours I was collecting from all over the internet (from books, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, news, and comments) best growth hacks, which inspired me to test them for my startup.

First growth hacks I was compressing into a short form and keeping in a private document. And then the crazy idea hit my head —  establish an e-mail subscription service, that sends every day one short growth hack. This is how was born. After 3 weeks there were 1700 subscribers ($0 marketing cost).

I was reading, choosing tasty growth hacks, I eager to test and implement. After 3 months there were 17 000 subscribers ($0 marketing cost). People from companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, TechStars, Hubspot, Coca-Cola, Indiegogo, Disney, 500 startups, LinkedIn, Adobe became our subscribers. After reaching this milestone I decided to put the best collected growth hacks into a book + add a portion of exclusive growth hacks, never released on